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Matches 1 to 41 of 41 for Tree equals Badwell Ash (F0010)

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F32
 DRAKE, Sarah   Badwell Ash (F0010) 
2 F14
 BARRELL, Hannah   Badwell Ash (F0010) 
3 F18
 VEEVERS, Hannah   Badwell Ash (F0010) 
4 F17
BARRELL, Charles VEVERS, Dorcus Clara Hannah 1890 Bradford, Yorkshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
5 F24
BARRELL, Charles William ELLIOTT, Elizabeth 04 Aug 1895 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
6 F20
BARRELL, Cornelius William    Badwell Ash (F0010) 
7 F25
BARRELL, George William BROMAGE, Ellen 02 Jul 1893 Northampton NORTHAMPTONSHIRE  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
8 F4
BARRELL, James ORRIS, Marianne 05 Nov 1822 Bradfield St George SUFFOLK  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
9 F13
BARRELL, James PLEASANCE, Harriet 1866 Norton SUFFOLK  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
10 F1
BARRELL, John HYE, Elizabeth 08 Jan 1787 Badwell Ash SUFFOLK  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
11 F2
BARRELL, John MARRIOTT, Mary 18 Nov 1817 Badwell Ash SUFFOLK  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
12 F9
BARRELL, John PAYNE, Emma 1850  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
13 F11
BARRELL, John ALLISON, Mary 1897 Wardle LANCASHIRE  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
14 F36
BARRELL, John Arthur BROOKES, Florence Mary 8 Sep 1928 St John Baptist, Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
15 F6
BARRELL, Jonathan MORLEY, Mary 20 Jul 1825  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
16 F7
BARRELL, Jonathan ROBINSON, Susan 1850 Hartismere dist  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
17 F21
BARRELL, Sidney Charles BUXTON, Nellie 1919 Stow district SUFFOLK  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
18 F15
BARRELL, Thomas MASON, Mary Jane 1875 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
19 F35
BARRELL, Walter NICHOLLS, Edith 26 Jan 1924 Holy Trinity, Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
20 F3
BARRELL, William MARY Abt 1813  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
21 F12
BARRELL, William BRINKLEY, Mary Ann 25th Dec 1844 Norton, Suffolk, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
22 F16
BARRELL, William STIFF, Charlotte 1886 Norton, Suffolk, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
23 F27
BARRELL, William Edward James WOMERSLEY, Sarah Edith 1903 Bradford , Yorkshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
24 F43
BLOOMFIELD, Alfred BARRELL, Sarah 22 May 1877 Norton, Suffolk, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
25 F28
BROMAGE, Joseph    Badwell Ash (F0010) 
26 F22
BROMAGE, Joseph PLEASANCE, Harriet 05 Aug 1900 Northampton NORTHAMPTONSHIRE  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
27 F10
CASSON, Nathan BARRELL, Sarah Julia 1884  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
28 F30
DRAKE, David KERSHAW, Mary Dec Qtr 1873 Rochdale District  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
29 F31
DRAKE, Herbert WALSH, Lilian Jane   Badwell Ash (F0010) 
30 F8
DRAKE, Thomas BARRELL, Sophia 25 Dec 1826  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
31 F19
ELSWORTH, George BARRELL, Sarah Ellen 03 Apr 1915 Harrogate YORKSHIRE  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
32 F37
GREENWOOD, Robert A BARRELL, Audrey 1952 Manchester, Lancashire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
33 F42
HARDAKER, Luther BARRELL, Mary Elizabeth 1907 N.Bierly, Yorkshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
34 F41
HUDSON, Fred BARRELL, Violet Tomalina 1929 N.Bierly, Yorkshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
35 F26
MOTT, William Thomas BARRELL, Louisa Harriett 07 Jun 1908 Northampton NORTHAMPTONSHIRE  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
36 F39
PATE, James BARRELL, Ellen Hannah 25 Dec 1888 All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
37 F5
PAYNE, Thomas BARRELL, Lucy 25 Dec 1826  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
38 F23
PLEASANCE, John    Badwell Ash (F0010) 
39 F33
ROWLAND, William BARRELL, Agnes Louisa 1912 Rochdale, Lancashire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
40 F40
Rutledge, Harry BARRELL, Lily Louisa 1925 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England  Badwell Ash (F0010) 
41 F29
WARREN, David DRAKE, Martha Mar Qtr 1846 Stow District  Badwell Ash (F0010)