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Matches 1 to 27 of 27 for Tree equals Brent Eleigh (F0348)

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F22
 BARRELL, Mary Ann Clarke   Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
2 F8
ARCHER, Albert Edward BARRELL, Alice 06 Oct 1906 St Luke Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
3 F12
ARCHER, William Henry HUBBARD, Sarah Ann   Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
4 F4
BARRELL, Henry Charles TOOK, Frances Amelia 23 Mar 1890 St.Luke Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
5 F18
BARRELL, John GARROD, Susan 27 May 1756 Sproughton, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
6 F15
BARRELL, John COLEMAN, Elizabeth 12 Jan 1794 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
7 F3
BARRELL, John COLEMAN, Mary Ann Abt 1831 Bramford, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
8 F2
BARRELL, John Coleman WELLS, Priscilla 16 Mar 1862 Bethnal Green, London, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
9 F6
BARRELL, John Coleman YEO, Clara Ellen 04 Jun 1905 St Luke Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
10 F7
BARRELL, John Coleman STOAKES, Lilian Alberta 14 Sep 1913 Clapton Park LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
11 F10
BARRELL, Robert TOOK, Lucy 28 Jan 1906 St. Luke Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
12 F24
BARRELL, William RAY, Martha 11 Oct 1721 Brent Eleigh, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
13 F27
BARRELL, William VANNER, Lily Bertha Florence 1931 Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
14 F23
BLANDON, William BARRELL, Mary Ann Clarke 01 Nov 1825 Bramford, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
15 F1
COOK, Edward John BARRELL, Priscilla 29 May 1887 St.Luke Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
16 F13
DELAMARE, Frederick William    Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
17 F9
DELAMARE, Harry Oliver BARRELL, Florence 1909 Hackney District  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
18 F16
ELLIS, John Thomas BARRELL, Mary Ann Clarke Abt 1860  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
19 F19
HARDWICK, William BARRELL, Elizabeth 03 Sep 1815 Bramford, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
20 F20
HARDWICK, William BROMLEY, Mary 23 Sep 1844  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
21 F5
MAIDMAN, Robert BARRELL, Harriet 1921 Hackney LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
22 F26
PILCHER, Ernest Charles TARRANT, Emily Jane 30 Jul 1910 Plumstead LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
23 F25
TARRANT, Henry William ELLIS, Jane 17 Aug 1887 Dulwich LONDON  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
24 F21
TAYLOR, Daniel BARRELL, Sarah Coleman 19 May 1823 Bramford, Suffolk, England  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
25 F17
THORNE, Henry ELLIS, Jessie Abt 1896  Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
26 F11
TOOK, Orlando COOTE, Frances Elizabeth   Brent Eleigh (F0348) 
27 F14
TOOK, Orlando COOTE, Frances Elizabeth   Brent Eleigh (F0348)