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Matches 1 to 23 of 23 for Tree equals Acton (F0677)

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F11
 BARRELL, Emma   Acton (F0677) 
2 F9
    Acton (F0677) 
3 F21
BARRELL, Alfred Amos SMITH, Susanna 12 Jan 1878 Lavenham SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
4 F16
BARRELL, Arthur George PAPWORTH, Fanny Louisa 1898 Braintree district  Acton (F0677) 
5 F3
BARRELL, George UNKNOWN   Acton (F0677) 
6 F4
BARRELL, George MARY   Acton (F0677) 
7 F5
BARRELL, George CAMP, Elizabeth Abt 1798  Acton (F0677) 
8 F14
BARRELL, George TATUM, Sarah Ann 14 Jun 1872 Cockfield SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
9 F18
BARRELL, George REEVES, Lily Rose 1903 Epping, Essex, England  Acton (F0677) 
10 F23
BARRELL, James WELHAM, Harriet Ann 17 Sep 1866 Lavenham SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
11 F1
BARRELL, John PRICK, Mary 17 Oct 1722 Acton SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
12 F2
BARRELL, John HEMPSTEAD, Susan 07 Dec 1732 Acton SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
13 F7
BARRELL, John ELLISTON, Elizabeth 15 Aug 1819 Great Waldingfield SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
14 F12
BARRELL, John WOODGATE, Eliza 25 Dec 1849 Acton SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
15 F24
BARRELL, John KEY, Sarah 1857 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England  Acton (F0677) 
16 F17
BARRELL, William COWLER, Ellen Mary 1898 Braintree district  Acton (F0677) 
17 F10
BRINKLEY, Charles BARRELL, Mary Ann 24 Dec 1869 Lavenham SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
18 F6
GLADDEN, Robert BARRELL, Mary 09 Nov 1794 Acton SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
19 F19
HOWE, William BARRELL, Eliza Ann 17 Nov 1854 Lavenham, Suffolk, England  Acton (F0677) 
20 F22
PEARMAN, Edward Isaac BARRELL, Eliza Ann 26 Dec 1872 Lavenham SUFFOLK  Acton (F0677) 
21 F15
TATUM, Robert    Acton (F0677) 
22 F8
WELHAM, Henry BARRELL, Susannah 13 Oct 1851 Lavenham, Suffolk, England  Acton (F0677) 
23 F13
WELHAM, William BARRELL, Elizabeth 1854 Lavenham, Suffolk, England  Acton (F0677)