Colchester, Essex, England


Tree: Rettendon (F0200)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Langham (F0386)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Langham 1111
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Dedham (F0178)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Combs (F0230)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Badwell Ash (F0010)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Bungay (F0113)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Sudbury (F0276)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Eyke (F0253)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Copdock (F0488)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Kington (F0165)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Stowlangtoft (F0706)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Coddenham (F0246)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Stoodleigh (1631)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Wickham Skeith (F0030)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Langham Tree (1115)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740

Tree: Herefordshire (1933)
Latitude: 51.8959270, Longitude: 0.8918740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHERWOOD, Stanley Frederick  30 Jan 1903Colchester, Essex, England I50
2 BARRALL, Graham A  14 Apr 1951Colchester, Essex, England I96
3 BARRELL, Alice Gertrude  1838Colchester, Essex, England I203
4 BARRELL, Alistair  1961Colchester, Essex, England I208
5 BARRELL, Ashton Wilfred  1900Colchester, Essex, England I189
6 BARRELL, Beautrice Annie  1889Colchester, Essex, England I206
7 BARRELL, Cecil Winfrey  1906Colchester, Essex, England I204
8 BARRELL, Charlotte  12 Mar 1826Colchester, Essex, England I11
9 BARRELL, Dora Adeline  1903Colchester, Essex, England I21
10 BARRELL, Dorothy Ellen  1896Colchester, Essex, England I129
11 BARRELL, Dulcie A  1936Colchester, Essex, England I367
12 BARRELL, Edna E  1938Colchester, Essex, England I368
13 BARRELL, Edwick Henry Sizer  1902Colchester, Essex, England I199
14 BARRELL, Ethel Gladys M  1903Colchester, Essex, England I203
15 BARRELL, Ethel M  1887Colchester, Essex, England I205
16 BARRELL, Ethel Mary  1899Colchester, Essex, England I20
17 BARRELL, Female  1907Colchester, Essex, England I206
18 BARRELL, Florence Beatrice  26 Sep 1898Colchester, Essex, England I61
19 BARRELL, Florence M  1884Colchester, Essex, England I204
20 BARRELL, Florence Maud  1878Colchester, Essex, England I81
21 BARRELL, Florence Maud  17 Feb 1884Colchester, Essex, England I145
22 BARRELL, Frederick John  1885Colchester, Essex, England I207
23 BARRELL, George  06 Aug 1827Colchester, Essex, England I12
24 BARRELL, George  1856Colchester, Essex, England I6
25 BARRELL, George Thomas Frederick  1906Colchester, Essex, England I22
26 BARRELL, George William  1899Colchester, Essex, England I209
27 BARRELL, Gordon  1899Colchester, Essex, England I48
28 BARRELL, Hilda  1902Colchester, Essex, England I136
29 BARRELL, Hilda Mabel  1893Colchester, Essex, England I208
30 BARRELL, Ivy  1903Colchester, Essex, England I206
31 BARRELL, Jack George Charles  8 Sep 1910Colchester, Essex, England I226
32 BARRELL, James  12 Aug 1824Colchester, Essex, England I10
33 BARRELL, John  25 Dec 1822Colchester, Essex, England I9
34 BARRELL, John Griffin  20 Aug 1819Colchester, Essex, England I7
35 BARRELL, Josiah  20 Nov 1879Colchester, Essex, England I49
36 BARRELL, Joyce A  1926Colchester, Essex, England I220
37 BARRELL, Karina  1969Colchester, Essex, England I209
38 BARRELL, Keith W  1934Colchester, Essex, England I205
39 BARRELL, Lewis Frank  01 Feb 1885Colchester, Essex, England I44
40 BARRELL, Louis Golden  1900Colchester, Essex, England I30
41 BARRELL, Madeline Annie T  1915Colchester, Essex, England I263
42 BARRELL, Male  1907Colchester, Essex, England I205
43 BARRELL, Mary Thornberry  17 Aug 1839Colchester, Essex, England I41
44 BARRELL, Mehetabel Mary  06 Nov 1881Colchester, Essex, England I144
45 BARRELL, Phyllis D  1934Colchester, Essex, England I366
46 BARRELL, Reginald  1901Colchester, Essex, England I130
47 BARRELL, Robert Harry  14 Apr 1919Colchester, Essex, England I231
48 BARRELL, Sarah  26 Feb 1821Colchester, Essex, England I8
49 BARRELL, Sharon  1959Colchester, Essex, England I207
50 BARRELL, Sidney Harold  1908Colchester, Essex, England I23

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BARRELL, Mary Thornberry  2 Feb 1840Colchester, Essex, England I41
2 CRANFIELD, Fanny  1942Colchester, Essex, England I225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRALL, Alan Albert  Dec 1990Colchester, Essex, England I75
2 BARRALL, Arthur James  19 Oct 1957Colchester, Essex, England I38
3 BARRALL, Graham A  26 Nov 2008Colchester, Essex, England I96
4 BARRALL, Maud Elizabeth  Sep 1972Colchester, Essex, England I39
5 BARRELL, Agnes Caroline  1974Colchester, Essex, England I216
6 BARRELL, Alice  1980Colchester, Essex, England I48
7 BARRELL, Ashton Wilfred  1918Colchester, Essex, England I189
8 BARRELL, Bartimaeus  20 Jul 1958Colchester, Essex, England I48
9 BARRELL, Beautrice Annie  1908Colchester, Essex, England I206
10 BARRELL, Benjamin  03 Feb 1941Colchester, Essex, England I46
11 BARRELL, Benjamin Brough  19 Jan 1957Colchester, Essex, England I258
12 BARRELL, Edgar Frederick  11 Apr 1960Colchester, Essex, England I53
13 BARRELL, Ernest George  1956Colchester, Essex, England I249
14 BARRELL, Female  1907Colchester, Essex, England I206
15 BARRELL, Florence Beatrice  23 Sep 1973Colchester, Essex, England I61
16 BARRELL, Frederick Charles  1959Colchester, Essex, England I27
17 BARRELL, Frederick John  16 Mar 1962Colchester, Essex, England I207
18 BARRELL, George Thomas Frederick  1983Colchester, Essex, England I22
19 BARRELL, George William  1991Colchester, Essex, England I209
20 BARRELL, Gilbert John  14 Jul 1966Colchester, Essex, England I118
21 BARRELL, Grace Maud  1970Colchester, Essex, England I193
22 BARRELL, Isaac  1898Colchester, Essex, England I6
23 BARRELL, Jack George Charles  Apr 2005Colchester, Essex, England I226
24 BARRELL, James Golden  12 Feb 1945Colchester, Essex, England I33
25 BARRELL, John Griffin  Abt 1820Colchester, Essex, England I7
26 BARRELL, John Lord  1981Colchester, Essex, England I221
27 BARRELL, Joseph Percy  1951Colchester, Essex, England I68
28 BARRELL, Male  1907Colchester, Essex, England I205
29 BARRELL, Margaret Hannah  1964Colchester, Essex, England I185
30 BARRELL, Mary  01 Sep 1891Colchester, Essex, England I15
31 BARRELL, Mary Ann  1891Colchester, Essex, England I131
32 BARRELL, Mildred Violetta  1971Colchester, Essex, England I191
33 BARRELL, Robert Harry  Jun 1994Colchester, Essex, England I231
34 BARRELL, Sidney Harold  1997Colchester, Essex, England I23
35 BARRELL, Thomas  02 Apr 1951Colchester, Essex, England I18
36 BARRELL, Vera Alma  26 Dec 1978Colchester, Essex, England I219
37 BARRELL, Walter  07 Jul 1951Colchester, Essex, England I187
38 BLAND, Reginald Ephraim  20 Oct 1985Colchester, Essex, England I267
39 BURNOP, Mary Ann  1929Colchester, Essex, England I19
40 CRISP, Elizabeth N  1951Colchester, Essex, England I214
41 DENNY, Celia L  1950Colchester, Essex, England I188
42 DOWNES, Ellen Jane  1903Colchester, Essex, England I35
43 HOBROUGH, Emma Sarah Ellen  14 May 1937Colchester, Essex, England I142
44 HURLEY, Albert Richard  1979Colchester, Essex, England I220
45 MILLER, Jessie Esther  Dec 1974Colchester, Essex, England I72
46 MOORE, Thomas  1872Colchester, Essex, England I132
47 NEAL, Leonard Frederick  1979Colchester, Essex, England I292
48 PANNELL, Alice Matilda  1920Colchester, Essex, England I128
49 SADLER, Clifford A  28 Feb 1964Colchester, Essex, England I261
50 SEXTON, Lilian Dorothy  1983Colchester, Essex, England I204

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARRALL, William George  Colchester, Essex, England I37

1841 UK Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1841 UK Census    Person ID 
1 BARRELL, Emma  6 Jun 1841Colchester, Essex, England I157

1851 UK Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1851 UK Census    Person ID 
1 BARRELL, Agnes  30 Mar 1851Colchester, Essex, England I164
2 BARRELL, Caroline  30 Mar 1851Colchester, Essex, England I162
3 BARRELL, Emma  30 Mar 1851Colchester, Essex, England I157
4 BARRELL, Esther  30 Mar 1851Colchester, Essex, England I165

1901 UK Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1901 UK Census    Person ID 
1 BARRELL, Benjamin  31 Mar 1901Colchester, Essex, England I46
2 BARRELL, Gordon  31 Mar 1901Colchester, Essex, England I48
3 DOWNING, Ada Mary  31 Mar 1901Colchester, Essex, England I47

1911 UK Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1911 UK Census    Person ID 
1 BARRELL, Arthur James  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I19
2 BARRELL, Ashton Wilfred  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I189
3 BARRELL, Bartimaeus  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I48
4 BARRELL, Benjamin  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I46
5 BARRELL, Cecil Winfrey  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I204
6 BARRELL, Clarence Clifford  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I120
7 BARRELL, Dora Adeline  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I21
8 BARRELL, Dorothy Ellen  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I129
9 BARRELL, Edwick Henry Sizer  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I199
10 BARRELL, Ellen Florence  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I24
11 BARRELL, Ethel Gladys M  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I203
12 BARRELL, Ethel Mary  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I20
13 BARRELL, Frederick John  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I207
14 BARRELL, George  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I198
15 BARRELL, George Thomas Frederick  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I22
16 BARRELL, George William  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I209
17 BARRELL, Gordon  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I48
18 BARRELL, Harold Stanley  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I81
19 BARRELL, Henry  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I32
20 BARRELL, Henry Charles  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I79
21 BARRELL, Hilda  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I136
22 BARRELL, Hilda Mabel  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I208
23 BARRELL, Ivy  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I206
24 BARRELL, James Golden  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I33
25 BARRELL, Lewis James  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I21
26 BARRELL, Lewis Samuel  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I23
27 BARRELL, Louis Golden  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I30
28 BARRELL, Myrtle Ivy  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I82
29 BARRELL, Reginald  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I130
30 BARRELL, Sidney Harold  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I23
31 BARRELL, Sidney Harold  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I23
32 BARRELL, Stanley  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I135
33 BARRELL, Thomas  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I18
34 BARRELL, Vera  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I134
35 BARRELL, Victor Henry  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I28
36 BARRELL, Walter  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I187
37 BURNOP, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I19
38 DENNY, Celia L  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I188
39 DOWNING, Ada Mary  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I47
40 FOREMAN, Annie  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I202
41 HALLS, Flora Kate  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I22
42 HOBROUGH, Emma Sarah Ellen  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I142
43 ORRISS, Sophia  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I132
44 PANNELL, Alice Matilda  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I128
45 SMITH, Lily Magdalene  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I80
46 TAYLOR, Alice Maud  2 Apr 1911Colchester, Essex, England I177


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1940Colchester, Essex, England F70
2 ASHERWOOD / BARRELL  1933Colchester, Essex, England F17
3 BARRALL / OLDMAN  Sep QTR 1948Colchester, Essex, England F31
4 BARRALL / PIPER  Sep QTR 1977Colchester, Essex, England F33
5 BARRELL / COE  1942Colchester, Essex, England F56
6 BARRELL / DOWNING  29 Dec 1896Colchester, Essex, England F22
7 BARRELL / FOREMAN  1881Colchester, Essex, England F63
8 BARRELL / HERRICK  1838Colchester, Essex, England F49
9 BARRELL / JOHNSON  1924Colchester, Essex, England F24
10 BARRELL / KEMP  21 Jul 1861Colchester, Essex, England F7
11 BARRELL / SPARROW  1922Colchester, Essex, England F30
12 BARRELL / STUDD  1924Colchester, Essex, England F68
13 BARRETT / BARRELL  1944Colchester, Essex, England F18
14 BOLEY / DOWNES  1887Colchester, Essex, England F100
15 COOK / BARRELL  1922Colchester, Essex, England F67
16 GRIFFITHS / LOVETT  1941Colchester, Essex, England F125
17 SADLER / BARRELL  1924Colchester, Essex, England F95